Counter Exchange Of India (OTCEI) & Its Benefits

What is Over The Counter Exchange Of India (OTCEI) & what are its benifits?


In major stock Exchanges, small companies could not have visible access and thus could not raise funds from the public. In order to provide this facility, the OTCEI was created to offer nation wide on-line access to them by implementing a computerized, ringless,


scripless Stock Exchange with trading and settlement standards comparable to the global standards. The market is actually spread across the country through a number of countries which are connected by a computer network wherein transactions take place through satellite communication.


Following are the benefits of OTCEI Listing:


It is the Stock Exchange with a specific mandate to service small and medium, innovative and high growth enterprises, in raising capital efficiency through the capital market.

This is the only exchange, which offers listing to companies with paid up capital below Rs. 3 crores.

Listing on OTCEI is suitable for start up enterprises, as the requirement of track record is not mandatory.

This Stock Exchange enhances the visibility of the small and medium companies through its national reach.